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Welcome to the Offical Website of Are the Gays OK Podcast

We are a podcast about mental health in the LGBTQIA+ community. Hosted by James Wilkinson and Stephen Griffiths.

We are 2 gay men wanting to honestly share our experiences in the hopes of destigmatising the world of mental health. We won’t shy away from difficult topics. we hope being vulnerable and sharing honestly we can contribute positively to the conversation surrounding mental health in the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you are looking fro advice or support for your mental health please consult the Mind website here


Ep1 - Welcome to Are the Gays OK

Meet our hosts and a flavour of whats to come in the series.

Ep2 - Coming Out

Stephen and James discuss their coming our stories and how their experiences impacted them.

Ep3 - Gay Shame

We will discuss what Gay shame is. How it occurs, How we recognise it and how to overcome it.

Ep4 - Mental Health

We talk about mental health more generally in the community and share our own struggles with our mental health.

Further Support for LGBT Mental Health (MIND)

Ep5 - Addicition

We discuss what addiciton is and James shares his story with addiction.

Further Support for Addiction (LGBT Foundation)

Ep6 - Sobriety

We discuss what life is like as gay sober men and how important sober spaces are.

Support Groups

Ep7 - Therapy

We discuss the different types of therapy avaliable and how it has helped us.

Ep7 - Queer Literature

We have Matt from Queer Lit on the show giving us recommendations of great LGBTQIA+ reads.

Season 2?

Stay tuned to find out if we have a season two


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